Hardwood Flooring

We currently showcase lovely hardwood selections from Hallmark, California Classics (Louvre), & LifeCore!

Engineered hardwood flooring is a popular alternative to solid wood, tile and laminate/vinyl floors, and for many great reasons.

Consider the following before selecting an engineered hardwood: it is not waterproof like other products, it can get scratched or show possible dents over time, and this product is on the higher end price wise in comparison to most LVT and Tile. If in direct sunlight, it can fade over time from sun exposure (as with a lot of products as well). Most of them can be refinished, some like the True collection from Hallmark can be refinished a few times! This product requires proper care and maintenance in order to keep the lifespan on your flooring as long as possible.

LifeCore (As Seen on HDTV Joanna Gaines)

When you choose LIFECORE’s engineered hardwood flooring products, you get the best of both worlds and more. Manufactured using LIFECORE’s proprietary ZERO-ADD® technology, all products are low VOC with no added formaldehyde. This makes for a family-friendly choice for those with young children and pets, as well as those who suffer from allergies and asthma. Combined with stunning aesthetics, color palettes, and affordable prices — and you’ll quickly discover why LIFECORE rises above other brands of engineered hardwood floors.

One of the most common concerns surrounding new floors is indoor air quality. While hardwood flooring is naturally much easier to keep free of dust mites, pollen, pet dander, and other allergens, LIFECORE levels-up these benefits with zero added formaldehyde. In turn, LIFECORE flooring products have been certified GREENGUARD Gold.

The GREENGUARD Gold Certification standard is based on health-related criteria for additional chemicals, and also requires lower total VOC emissions levels to ensure that products are acceptable for use in your home and environments such as schools and healthcare facilities.

Taking LIFECORE’s engineered wood flooring products to a higher degree of quality, our Indoor Air Advantage Gold certification ensures compliance is maintained with the most rigorous indoor air quality emission standards in North America. Additionally, LIFECORE is also Phase II Carb Compliant with the California Air Resources Board, certification that requires wood flooring products to meet certain levels for formaldehyde.

Not only are LIFECORE’s engineered hardwood flooring products essential options for asthma and allergy sufferers, but they’re overall outstanding choices for any healthy indoor environment. Explore LIFECORE’s range of engineered hardwoods and discover a product that captures that look and features that align with your space.

Alta Vista

The Alta Vista hardwood collection is a return to vintage European Design. These beautiful classic and refined floors are crafted out of European Oak, a premier hardwood species that has been used for everything from flooring to shipbuilding over the centuries due to its stability. The floors feature Hallmark Floors’ authentic sawn-cut style, are lightly sculpted and wire brushed by hand. The boards are of generous widths and lengths, and the surface is treated with our exclusive Nu Oil® finish for a classic style and elegance.


The innovative and versatile Novella Hardwood Collection creates a multitude of options through offering two finishes, three wood species and an array of captivating colors. The planks made from Maple and Hickory are treated with the TrueMark® Glaze Tek finish, providing a low-sheen luster, while the Oak products are finished with Nu Oil®, Hallmark’s exclusive Oil finish.

The Novella floors feature our slice-cut style, with boards that have been lightly sculpted by hand (maple & hickory) or lightly hand sculpted and wire brushed (oak), with detailed coloring. This versatile collection was designed to fit any design scheme and compliment any lifestyle.


Regatta Hardwood offers a dozen beautiful visuals in a variety of species including European Oak, American Hard Maple and American Hickory. Our fashionable looks are created with hand-applied glazes, skip sawn textures, hand-scraped surfaces and nature’s graining accented by our unique brushing techniques. Our Regatta Hardwood features our Spill Proof guarantee, our best commercial finish and an edge sealant that provides 360 degree protection making for an easy clean up to life’s little mishaps. Regatta also features the “push lock” fastening system for extra seam protection and a perfect installation every time. As a finishing touch we’ve added our Quiet Comfort padding to each board for added underfoot comfort and sound reduction.


The understated elegance and durability of the Ventura hardwood flooring collection’s oak, maple and hickory planks, offers two different finishes based on species, the collection is also enhanced by wide planks and natural variances. This contemporary collection was designed to look gently aged and weathered, while still being durable and stain resistant.
Hallmark’s 2mm slice-cut style, combined with a wire brushed texture applied by hand, offers a truly natural look for contemporary living.


½” Thick, 7½” Wide, Random up to 82.5” Length
European Oak Character grade wire bushed surface

2mm Thick Veneer
• Sherwin- Williams Anti-Microbial Urethane
• Age-crafted multi layered hand stained
• 4 side micro bevel
• Easy to maintain. No oil or wax maintenance. Simply sweep, vacuum or dry mop.
• Easy installation: Glue down, staple, or floating
• Radiant heat approved. (NWFA Guidelines