Luxury Vinyl Tile

None of these are stocked in our warehouse; we would need to check stock with the vendor. Some might be discontinued by the time you see them, so please contact us so we can check stock for you.

LVT is a type of vinyl flooring that is designed to imitate flooring options such as hardwood and tile looks. The clicking mechanism of LVT makes it easier to install, which could be a good option for DIYers. A lot of LVT brands out there are marked as waterproof, scratch resistant, stain resistant – but there are a few key things to pay attention to when shopping for this product. LVT has a wear layer and for residential flooring, it is recommended to get a 12 mil or 20 mil wear layer. Basically if you get either of those two wear layers, you should not be able to wear through it with just walking on it. If you move furniture around a lot, you may want to put pads underneath to help protect your flooring. We display samples from the following collections: Hallmark – Courtier, Nova Floor, Ascent, Chambery, Peak, our most recent addition in 2022 Provenza!

Hallmark Courtier – Waterproof Collection – 20 mil wear layer

Ascent – Rigid SPC – 20 mil wear layer – 6.5mm thickness

Peak – Rigid SPC – 20 mil wear layer – 5.5mm thickness

Chambery – Rigid SPC – 12 mil wear layer – 4.3mm thickness